secure offshore colocation
  metacolo provides a variety of services around the world. Our ultimate goal is to allow customers to be location independent, with any physical infrastructure available as a service, remotely, in a choice of jurisdiction suitable for many kinds of businesses.  
  Colocation and Bandwidth

Our colocation facilities are locked racks and cages within carrier neutral "telco hotels", international cable landing stations, or other suitable locations. By combining tamper-resistant hardware with jurisdictional advantages, many applications can now be hosted on the Internet which would otherwise require novel p2p structures to survive.

$250/mo (server w/ 2Mbps)

$500/mo (server w/ 1Mbps)

$600/mo (512Kbps)

$1k/mo (256Kbps)
CR PA AG AI BM + british dependent territories/crown colonies

  DNS, Incorporation

We can offer a full range of DNS registration, business incorporation, registered agent, and other licensing/regulatory services, though partnerships with local company agents and lawyers in a variety of jurisdictions.

DNS Registration:
USD 20/year (standard registration)
USD 30/year ("blinded" in-trust registration, messaging optional)

IP ASN Allocation and Assignment (in compliance with RIPE guidelines):
USD 500 one-time

IP Assignments (in compliance with RIPE guidelines): contact us

  Application Hosting

For those who require services to be hosted by us, we have several options.

Backup MX service: contact us, depends on volume
Primary or Secondary DNS servers (1-6): USD 50/year
Web hosting: contact us
Email accounts, individual: USD 100-500/year, depending on location
Email accounts, group: contact us
  Messaging Services

An integrated anonymous messaging system, including postal, voicemail, fax, and other communications, will be available shortly. Please contact us for information.

Pricing for messaging services will be cost + 20%; approximately USD 5/message
to be postal forwarded, scanned and mailed/webhosted, or transcribed.
  Consulting and Development
  Payment processing
  Please contact [email protected] (PGP Key) for more information.

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